Invasion is just a contest to see who can press buttons longer

Imo invasion ahould be changed. Its sad to see people have 50k bots out, imagining how long they had to sit there for almost a week and press the same sequence of buttons over n over again.

I used to plat StarWars Galaxy of Heroes and there was smth like the invasion in DH but the team boss the guild had to defeat was VERY strong. So each guild member could attack once with their heroes to contribute in killing the boss (or rancor in SWGOH). Of course stonger members could contribute more.

I believe this would not only help save time of those invasion pros, but also be smth fun and different to work on as a guild.

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Well, that is why I usually rant about Madam Mim´s one shotting ability and Shatter mechanics as being detrimental to Invasion itself.

It´s just an easy way out. People like them, but usually they improve nothing. Rather make a degression.

Yeah, mim and the pecking bird make it easier. Is it really fun to tap tap tap your screen for 4 hrs per day to be on the top 60 and get those min difference of mods juice?

I tried it and i dont think its worth 20+ hrs of tapping for just that. Of course its optional, but making a powerful bot that can be attacked once per day would be easier for lives.

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Some people do like tap-tap-tap-a-roo and actually get angry with me when I try to show them why the aforementioned characters should have a slight nerf for Invasion.

But I guess it´s the same situation as Covid and vaccine.


Because you completely don’t think about others…

No matter what it will be always clicking mode, but what you suggest will make it even harder for F2P and on top will be same people, just will less points. Nothing will change apart of wasted resources on the heroes. :woman_facepalming:t2:

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How do u kno who i dont think about? Oh, thats right… u dont kno :no_good_man:

It would also end up being the similar ratio of whales:others on the amount of damage done on the attacks. Most whales will usually hit harder than most f2p (and they surely deserve to).

All im saying is … how about an invasion on a smaller time-investing scale?

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