Invasion is still outdated with its rewards

Rewards in the Invasion has not seen some care for a while. There is a update but nothing really has changed. For example, I used the purple mod shards to enhance my Ariel from +40 to +50 purple skill. The problem is that I do not have enough purple mods for +60. So here are my enchantments for the Invasion rewards system in a quick way. This are equal to June’s 2023 rewards based on current rank.

  1. Gold at the end of a Invasion- 2.3 Billion

  2. Disk power at the end of a Invasion- 6.2 Million

  3. The main mod of the invasion plus its 1,2.3,4 enhancements bits- Equal to about 2 full mods/ Players would learn about investing and this is balanced. 4 mods would be overkill.

  4. Badge tokens- 3.5 Million/ 3.5 Million divided by 500k is equal to about 7 Yellow badges. This can help promote one hero and have some extra left over.

  5. Level mods thing- 11 Million?/ I am unsure of this

  6. Stamina pods- 4,000 stamina pods is one full hero per week. 240k per normal invasion.

  7. Memory Tokens- 9,500 Memory Tokens at the end of a normal invasion.

  8. XP Drinks- Change to the Yellow Tornado XP drinks. 360 Yellow Xp drinks at the end of a invasion.

When there is a new rank update, Gold, Disk power, Badge Tokens, and Stamina Pods will only update usually to meet the previous requirement. Mods, and level mod thing would only update for a new mods tier. A new vip 6 benefit can be everything in the invasion times 1.5. Here is a list of everything being multiplied.

  1. Gold- 3.4 Billion

  2. Disk Power- 9.3 Million

  3. Mods- 3 full mods

  4. Badge Tokens- 5.25 Million/ 10.5 Yellow badges.

  5. Level mods thing- 16.5 Million

  6. Stamina Pods- 6,000/ 360k of stamina.

  7. Memory Tokens - 14,250
    8.Yellow XP Drinks- 540

                  Thanks for the support!

It’s the usual carrot and stick whomping willow that these resource improvements are often released as :stuck_out_tongue:


They make it harder and harder to keep playing.


@Samm this would actually be pretty good. Equaling the Invasion progress rewards to roughly one hero maxed (gold, disk power).

However, I strongly disagree with 4 maxed mods. It should be 1 maxed mod worth of upgrades though (so 150+125+100+70+40+15 = 500, current gain is 210 per invasion).

Badge tokens are a hard pick. I would be more for a slight increase in tokens and huge reduction in the price per badge.
I do agree however that being able to buy just a fraction of a top rank badge for the gains in 1 Invasion is not just disbalanced… but outright tragic. The shop does not even have to exist if it is treated the current way.

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