Invasion is werid

How are invasion villains have friendship discs even if there lower level than they are supposed to be

Villain Li Shang has a Mulan Memory disc even though he was only at level 25, that is unlocked at level 125 Li Shang and Mulan

That was Invasion

  1. They are enemies, not “villains”
  2. Breaker quests are set up by devs, not players. So you can find a level 25 Ian with Goliath disk in Breaker Quests, and it wouldn’t be a bug

Invasion is another world. It’s why the worst toons become fierce opponents and why you can take a toon you would never use elsewhere stick them in a line that would miserably fail against anything else, and suddenly they wreck a Mama Bot.

It’s great actually once you suspend how you would normally think about match ups and find what works.


Or as I like to call it, the only true PVE mode in the game lol

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