Invasion lvl increase after update

@Polaris according to the patch notes

  • Invasion’s difficulty will now snapshot at the start
  • If a new level increase releases during Invasion, the difficulty will not be affected.

Now on server 14 before update breakers enemy lvl was 105 but now enemies are lvl 110 why is this the case


It’s the same on server 12. The enemies lv was 125, but after the update they are 130 now, which is horrible…

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Same on server 10

I’ve asked the team to take a look at this.


So this didn’t get fixed next week will this be fixed for the next patch / invasion?

The issue is being tricky to track down on this. There isn’t a team level cap increase next week, so the invasion that starts today should be fine.They’re looking into options for future updates, and details will be in the next patch notes.


Each power up in invasion is roughly 1/2 of a hero level, so if this can’t get fixed, a decent workaround would be to give each player 10 power ups on days where the cap increases.