Invasion Mod Power Rewards

For far too long now, I believe most of us have been happy to use Invasion Rankings as mainly a “bragging rights” thing…

Now, it is time to make the ranking rewards more commensurate with the time it takes to achieve such rankings.

Right now, if your guild ranks in the top ten in Challenger and you don’t get demoted from Challenger as an individual, you are rewarded with about 500,000 mod power in total from both rankings; that is only enough to add about 5-10 levels (depending on current mod level) to only ONE mod each WEEK…

How many hours did you spend “tapping” out that ranking during the week for such a pittance of a reward…?

I mean you only have to get your own Bot to about level 400 to complete tier rewards which gives a total of about 1 million mod power; but you have to get your own Bot to about level 10,000 just to not get demoted from Challenger.



the invasion needs to be reworked. now it’s the mode of who uses the autoclicker more.

Tier rewards give around 1M Mod Power (coincidentally enough for a lvl60 mod which is what matters anyway).

Ranks are an extra up to 500K. It’s good that it is only an extra.

However, I’d like some of the other rewards scaled more properly - particularly memory tokens and Badge tokens.

Also the supply crates needs to increase
the mod levels (2 to 10) and advancement (+1) is terribly low for the max available and the cost

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Agreed we need more badge tokens

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