Invasion review


I have found invasion to be very repetitive and boring. It takes way too much time to get through lower levels. I do enjoy fighting the higher level bosses. Im hearing similar comments from my guild. Im just curious how everyone else feels about it


To be honest, I’m still clueless on what to do in invasion. :slight_smile:
Although it did prove to be a great way to kill time between actual gameplay.


Invasion is good imo. At this point the rewards don’t really matter that much, but if as we level up they start handing out diamonds or other currency then it will become a huge time and diamond pit. In my opinion it was a fun pve mode that made you try to build creative teams to deal with problems they threw at us. My biggest gripe is the 75% slow warden, at higher levels it became nearly impossible to beat those. Other than that I have been fine with it.