Invasion tier 100

It looks like there was something messed up today on invasion and that there were 100 tier rewards. Unfortunately they just got removed again and set back to 65, which yet again provided resources to the fast people who had time to do the tiers fast.

Why can’t PB just leave the invasion as it is? Especially if it’s anniversary and it should be a special invasion anyway. It’s just upsetting, that the early people get everything.

I don’t care about the rewards, let the people who got lucky keep them. But next time just let the rewards be as they are from the start.


Yeah, if you show the carrot, give the carrot. Not everyone can hit the guild bot at once without it crashing.

Was really surprised when the animation stopped at 65 and showed maxed…

Just open it back up for everyone. It should easy to determine based on total score.


Perblue also mugged all of the Brits off for the 2nd day of tianas trial!


Did people actually get extra stuff ? I was at work so couldn’t do it just got home and it’s back to normal. @Samm

Why have you done this ? Stop screwing over the people who don’t sit on your game 24/7


I had time to do the 100 level invasion but now when I go back to see it, it’s showing me level 65 max and I obviously don’t remember what were all the rewards from 65 to 100. I kinda wish they had left it at 100 it was a bit more of a challenge.


Yes, the early bird got the worm. Didn’t ask if their still showed 100 or 65.


I feel the invasion refresh was meant to come next update… or later.

If it doesn’t get the approval it needs to be taken down.


65 level is outdated now. It has become boring and easy. I would like to have 100 tier invasion from now on. It would be interesting & challenging.

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@Samm can we get any kind of formal response?

Kind of weird that a post in the feedback corner gets ignored…


It is available in roadmap, which means we’ll have it soon.
invasion adjustments

Also, Samm is not in the office from May 24th – May 30th and day June 6th – June 9th


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If I wanted to play the lotto, i would have bought i ticket.

Everyone should receive the same rewards off the same game modes.

But keep it up, people are just continuing to leave

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