Is anyone finding this Villaintine's Day Invasion really difficult?

There’s this 1 Breaker Fight, wherein that Yellow Rank Quasimodo is just TOO STRONG, for anyone of my Heroes. And every time I use my good ORANGE/RED Heroes, “BOOM”, K.O.! And that Quasi’s the only one left!!!

And I’m all out of Revives at this point.

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yeah I’m also at a point where I can’t continue anymore either. it really depends on what heroes you have built up, and I and I’m assuming you don’t have the best heroes for this invasion. just one level off 65 but it’s been very tedious.

then why answer? :woman_shrugging: if you don’t have anything to add to the conversation there is no need to reply.


Yeah, it’s “easy”…during the last 2 days of the week. As for the FIRST 2 days, it’s a nightmare!!


We can be thankful we got something higher at all. The truth is however that there is a huge lack of mod upgrades overall.


I’ve been saying that for what 2 years lol


They were on a good way between September and November 2021 when they were in contest rewards, but I guess the guild abuse stopped any effort to give mod upgrades in Contests again.

@Samm if you see this, could I plea for some mod upgrades in contests again… or like, more in standard invasions?
Ideally both but I know the team has a very delicate balance there in mind (not sure why it´s so delicate though).


Could even be creative example they give us a celebration deal and a lot of stuff we don’t need. Diamond crates/red skill crates/ cosmetics could do any of the following. Green/,blue/ purple upgrades/ attack speed. Could do patch red and yellow xps or even battle badge upgrades. Make celebration deals more worth it. As for the deal the other day 12500 heist tickets I’d rather poke my eyes out than buy that.

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