Is Esmeralda good for yellow invasion?

So pretty much the tittle, just wondering

I tried her, but because she is a front line hero, she can die quickly and not giving her the benefit of a backline support that Animal has.
So I am sticking to Animal for the time being.


I’m not really an Invasion goer, but I just tried her on some low-leveled bots, and looks like she is capable on some good damage and doesn’t die immediately so she can start rallying allies. At least if the bot is distracted by another character and doesn’t start from Esmeralda.

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Nothing can beat Mim-based combo.

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What’s that combo?

Mim/Elastigirl (JJ)/Animal (Go)

You’ll also need protection from the bot, preferably permanent, maxed slows.


Who said, that u cant use mim with Esmeralda?

I tried Esmeralda and she works fine.
Maybe better with the RS and Disk.

Dont use maximus, use clawhauser.
Than it’s not a Problem

Mim, Elastigirl, Esmeralda, Clawhauser, Lui / Djafahr


Mim, Elastigirl, Esmeralda, Clawhauser, Animal
And immo buff

My Invasion team this week is Clawhauser, Esmeralda, Mim, Elastigirl, and Stitch. With the Slow powerup (which is not an issue, you get more of them than you can even use, so why not?).

My Clawhauser is pretty frail, though, so I’ve had to spam Shield powerups on him. Might have to turn to Invincible powerups in the final stretch.

Does esmeralda seem like an S tier hero? Other than for invasion?

From using her for this invasion I feel she is totally better than Animal because of her speed plus Energize combo… currently going against a level 1k bot with the team and she just makes Mim slays bots faster it seems than Animal does

Only if protected, her vulnerable position often leads to her being KOd before Djali appears. And ironically, she suffers a lot from silencing.


A lot of invasion teams already have max or clawhauser to tank for mim, so protecting Esmeralda shouldn’t be a big deal

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It’s Louie and Jafar. I don’t see how helpful Jafar is compared to Louie (Pe)…

The thing is, I tried her with Max, and for some reason, he only protected her in manual fights. In quick fight she dies with no damage dealt :man_shrugging:

This is just one person’s experience, so weigh it against the other people singing Esmeralda’s praises, but:

After maxing her white skill, I tried Esmeralda in place of Animal in my bot team. It took about 6 bot fights until I had my first failure. That’s opposed to one failure with Animal in hundreds of bot fights.

I won’t dispute that she’s good, but until I see further arguments for why she’s better than Animal, I’ll stick with the Muppet.


Does this ko the bot in one hit?

The team I posted KO’s the bot in one try on 1 Breaker with only Slow powerup (and Shield because my Clawhauser sucks). With 45 seconds to spare.

Only if ur elasti disk is good enough.
But this good disk u need on all yellow comps

My invasion team this week (and probably for all yellow invasions) is Hector, Animal, Basil, Robin Hood, and Esmeralda. With invincibility, the shreds, and energy regen, they do about 2B damage per minute.

So yeah, she is good.

That team would be good… if there was no Mim. And a way to protect her.

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