Is Gothel getting nerfed?

I kept hearing Gothel was getting nerfed but I never found the patch notes.
Is she getting nerfed does anyone know?

Not to my knowledge seen nothing about it.

From where, exactly…?

  1. I haven’t seen anything.

  2. She doesn’t need a nerf more than Zeus, Shego or Ian

All over global in server 25, they keep saying “oh it was in the patch” but they won’t say which patch.

Zeuss and Shego I agree with. Ian, no.

Nobody but Zeus’s red skill needs a nerf, everything has a counter, but there is no way to counter 200 energy steal per second which cause the enemy Zeus will reuse white skill every 2 seconds over and over, even if damage is countered, all allies are stunlocked and left with 0 energy.

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And you believed them?


Sounds like garden-variety trolling. :man_shrugging: There’s no nerf in any patch notes, and no signs from PerBlue that they’re going to nerf a hero that’s this new. (I don’t think Randall was nerfed this soon, even, and he was way more dominating when introduced.)

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