Is it normal or an error from the game?

I’ve played city watch easy mode and see this. My party was level 105 and the enemies was level 165. I definitely can’t beat this wave. Is this normal or an error from the game ? :<

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Do you mean 165 level?

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Check the enemy’s skills. They may be under leveled in skills, thus making the team closer to your power.


1.17 is supposed to begin the process of fixing City Watch match making. In the time until that finishes… just keep trying.

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I checked the enemies’s skills after that and tried to defeat them,there’s no way to defeat them. :<

Maybe, I’m not come from a country where use English regularly so I may have some mistakes with grammar. Please don’t care if this make you uncomfortable :<

Lol, me too :sweat_smile:

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things like this are not cool, how does a level 160 have red7 toons at level 170?

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So Jessie has a Judy disk as if Judy were level 197 and Woody has a Jessie disk as if she is level 188, this, this is the type of problem people have been trying to get fixed, y’all(Per Blue) thought you were slick by removing the player name and level but I still catch y’all on that bull. I will continue to call out this until IT IS TRULY FIXED.

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