Is kida a real princess?

In the collections of princesses in the game, I saw jasmine, rapunzel, moana, Merida, etc. but I was worried of one thing: why is kida not in the collection? Sure she might be a princess in the movie. But how is she not in the collection? Is there any problems?

Well, Kida is not an official princess. She was a queen now at the end of the movie. So that’s why she’s not in the princess collection.

Even though vanellope is not a princess anymore, that’s why she also not in the collection. Speaking of which, the queen thing you say, is why she is not in the 2nd movie of wreck it ralph(kida)

I think the reason she’s not in the lineup is because her movie becomes underwhelming supported at the box office from negative critics so I think that’s reason every disney films from the previous era didn’t do good in the box office but some of films are still amazing

Sleeping Beauty initially lost Disney a million dollars. Meanwhile Atlantis: the Lost Empire made a profit on release :eyes:

I didn’t realize were it’s coming

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