Is Silver’s white skill impractical/impossible to use?

What is the point of a white skill that instantly defeats the one who uses it?

I’ve don’t upgrade it any more because it just makes him inflict MORE DAMAGE to himself.

This is where it becomes problematic to use:

This is Helga’s friendship campaign roadblock, if he uses the skill to defeat the enemies, he won’t be available for wave 3.

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Normally, the damage he does to himself isn’t enough to threaten him.
Though that stack of 71 powerups makes it probably enough to kill him even if he was yellow :grimacing:

At this point you’re probably better off just focusing on Helga for that disk (she’s the one that’s gonna use the disk anyway…). Powerups are the impractical thing when it comes to Silver


Im having the same issue, I just leveled him up to 290 because I may push him up anytime in the future and after reading your post I realized I made a mistake :joy::confused:

So at R12 he only has 10 million hp resulting in him one shooting himself with his white if you can’t keep up the rarity which is kinda sad

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