Is support lying

This is unexpected and I’m furious

Are you guys kidding me right now? I even sent proof that I am :joy:

I currently am and was always the owner of these accounts that I want to merge

I think it would be better to hide your account ID.


Yep my bad

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@Loutre I know I shouldn’t @ you but I want you to tell me what is the problem here?

If the account was created on a different device, or in a different location and at some point may have had different payment information attached, the system seems to not recognise it as having been ‘yours’ - I had the same issue when trying to consolidate 2 of my accounts when S3 merged. I decided not to pursue it and just use both :man_shrugging:


Exactly as @Pipsqueak stated. I am assuming that there are inconstancies on this account that make it appear that you are not infact the account owner. Support looks over the account information thoroughly before an account merge and they would not lie to you about seeing that it does not appear to be your account.


I just looked into your support ticket and see that after you provided your proof of ownership support merged the accounts.


Yep thank you and the team!

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