Is there any chance of increasing numbers of Mods available

I’m playing at server 21 and do that for 140days. Because I had played similar perblue game I knew I should lvl up quickly and therefore I was able to do an invasion event quite early.
At this moment I participate in challengers division both in arena and coliseum BUT THERE’S ABSOLUTELY NOT ENOUGH MODS IN THE GAME EVEN FOR FULL COLISEUM TEAM.
140 days, reaching top tier of invasion every time, bought twice 1 of each color mod deals (had them when I started but we don’t have them anymore, at all), buying for gems additional 2 mods every invasion and in total I have 22 red mods, 18blue ones and 24 yellow.
DO YOU REALLY THINK ITS ENOUGH? 24 mods of each color are enough only to mod fully 4 heroes so why there’s no additional ways to get those? I’m not asking for upgraded ones, even base ones of each color should be available weekly or through sign in rewards or contests. Thanks for reading this and sorry for caps

Trust me. You will get a ton more mods. Just be patient. But if you want 2 per invasion instead of 1, you can always buy the 1st supply crate. It’s only 240 diamonds. You could always spread them out for now if you like or just mod up the most important on your team for now. You’ll get 1 of each color during special invasions too.

Edit to add: If you really want to get more mods, and you have the diamonds to spend, every other supply crate has a mod in it. Just depends on whether you want to spend the diamonds.

I buy 2 supply crates that has mods every invasion. That’s my point. We are getting heroes at much faster rate than mods. Plus mods we get are always attuned so if I want to get new hero modded I have to sacrifice his chips as well. I have patience but it’s not right to wait months to get mods for single hero with meta changing every month or two. Thanks for reply

And just where will those mods come from? And what is the point of all the !
MOD Advancing bits? Who has Hero Chips to spare? It takes forever to get Stars.

My point is, you’ll get there. You guys must be in newer servers. I understand older servers were more established when invasion came around so most of us already had a ton of extra chips to spare. As for new heroes, were in the same boat as all of you. We don’t have mods for new heroes unless we take them off old ones.

But in the beginning, it was the same thing. We didn’t have enough mods for all our heroes either but now we have more than enough. My point is just wait it out. It sucks now but the mod situation (as far as getting mods goes) gets easier and soon enough your whole team will have mods. They should have given more mods to start and then lowered it.

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