Is there ANYone else who can counter REB?

It seems at the point in the game I have reached, every 2nd chapter has REB:

I know Tron is his counter, but is there anyone else who can block his stunspam lightning?
In Portal Z26, after Tron used up his energy, REB just activated his white skill again and it was game over.

Ideally, I am looking for someone with better (or any!) damage output, it seems Tron is too niche, all he can do is block REB, but is of marginal utility in non-REB waves.

Please don’t say Zeus, I am quietly seething that players are abusing his white skill in combination with REB. :rage: :stop_sign:

Ian’s damage is almost all Fantastic Crit, so anyone who can negate crits (eg. Timon & Pumbaa, Baymax) or provide reality (eg. Joy, Rapunzel) will be great at reducing his damage. He also has no tenacity or evasion whatsoever, so can be disabled pretty easily

Obvious heroes like Zeus aside, Tron is one of the least niche heroes in the game IMO. With green skill mods he provides a huge amount of skill power, and reflect isn’t the only thing he can be handy to remove at the start of battle. His damage with his own white skill is also pretty substantial with a few boosts - if I use Tron in the campaign, he wipes the defences out with 1 hit :man_shrugging:

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From what I see, Pumbaa+any character who provides solid normal damage work just fine. Not exactly early hitters, more of characters who can provide more powerful hits during the battle. Bolt, perhaps, as he probably would start with frontliners so he wouldn’t get too much reflected damage. Jessie is a good pick as well, she can even remove reflect if you get lucky.

Zeus! :roll_eyes:

Fairy and Sisu both got a direct counter to reflect in their disks. Joy, Timon, and Fear will cut down almost all damage dealt by Ian.

I recommend Fairy + Joy + Timon + 2 strong damage sources (Bolt/Ron/Shego/…).

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Gadgets green skill snares three random enemies at the start of each wave, well 4 for me because I have her (Cl) disk, and her whit eskill snares, so you can try Gadget.

Ian still can use skills from any distance.

What even is REB?

Besides, I stated long ago that Ian’s reflect should depend on enemies and not himself/his allies.


When the campaign throws Reflect or Bunsen lines at me, I just use Carl, Pacha, Timon, Chip, and Aurora.


Looks like Baymax will have to be the one, as he is the most advanced of those listed:

I do wish he had a team wide heal instead of Scan.
What kind of Healthcare provider can’t heal? :woman_shrugging:

I just hope he doesn’t have to be Y12, I don’t have enough stamina for that upgrade.

REB is the white skill used by the enemy.

He doesn’t need ranks to reduce crit damage, but his shields are thin so he might not be enough.
And skills should be leveled (not talking about red cause it’s expensive, but the others…), of course you can’t pass stages if your skill levels are all like his…

I cleared most of campaign just using Bagheera, Jim and T&P with nobody else.

Occasionally needed to throw in a dps like shego or dwd, but not against Ian.

Bagheera’s white skill does enough dps to kill most stages and he is tanky enough to absorb reflect.

I rather would like to know what the abbreviation stands for, not what it means.

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Now my tolerance for this character is over. :rage: :stop_sign:

Used my best anti-REB line, it was absolutely ineffective.
No one character should be this powerful to take out 5 opponents solo.

Onward is now my most hated animated Disney movie, for the simple fact if it didn’t exist, neither would this playable character.

I’ll be 327% honest, I’m considering never playing story mode again, just to avoid the frustration involved.

REB stands for Reflecting Electric Barrage.

Spoiler Alert: Mother Gothel turns comps like that into a complete joke.

Looking at this, it still ain’t the most impressive line.

Milo is just completely unnecessary, Bolt will obviously kill himself without good support, and Baymax… eh.


Try using Pete. His Minnie disc makes him stun enemies who have reflects.

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