Is there something wrong?


As we all have seen toy story at least once here’s something weird.
Why doesn’t Woody get a buff as villains did?
The inhabitants of Andy’s room are seen under Woody for some reason, Rex is a coward for reasons unknown and when buzz comes along it kinda starts to make sense but makes perfect sense why at Sid’s houseimages%20(5) this sad pteridactle was rexs friend :cold_sweat: and also many green army men and toys who soon we’re mutilated so I’m pretty sure he’s a villain it may seem he’s good but it may seem he had found his match (buzz)


Ok, so, that makes no sense. Rex is a coward to be ironic, since he is a T-Rex. All of Sid’s toys that are deformed are deformed because Sid was a crazy person. The soldiers that are deformed are because of Andy’s family stepping in them. I mean, his mom sure makes it seem like it isn’t the first time someone has stepped on one.

Overall, you’re saying he is a bad guy for all the wrong reasons. He was bad because he was a selfish leader who was scared to share the spotlight, and was overall a bad friend at first. But, he changed and became a good friend that does his best to understand others. And that is why he doesn’t deserve to be labeled as a villain.

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You are not far off @Hades_IX from the original plan of the developers! :wink: but, plans change. This video is from my favorite theorists on youtube:

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So not far from the truth it is! Sorry spaghetti buddy you’ve nat seen the movie :joy::joy:


Actually, I have seen the movie, and just because that was the direction they could have taken his character, doesn’t mean that that is the way they did take it. As David said, “Plans change”. He wasn’t the bad guy, but he was a bad guy at the first part of the movie. He changed, and wasn’t a big jerk anymore. Also, please call me by my name: “Spaghetti King”. No spaghetti, only Spaghetti King.

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As said in the video (I think) they just put the idea for an evil Woody on the shelf. Then in Toy Story 3, they brpught ir back as Latso.


Hey watch the movie before buddy and also sure the prospector took that stage but do think about it no one really likes that about a protagonist but who knows right?!!


I never said I specifically like him, and I’ve clearly seen the movies before. I never said that it was a good decision for his character, but I honestly think that things worked out pretty well for how they did it.

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Think big buddy who knows, who knows the troubles of rex who knows his sorrow


This conversation is pointless. That’s all I have to say.


If woody isn’t a villian then how do you explain This?image


He is…flirting???