Is this a good team for the Yellow Invasion at these levels?

Hey there. I struggle with the yellow invasion way more than the red and blue ones and from what I gathered, the best team for yellow seems to be Madam Mim, Jim Hawkins, King Louie, Elastigirl, and Animal.

Madam Mim has Oogie’s disk and is at R19 (max on my server) with all skills minus red maxed out.

Jim has Ian’s disk and is at R16 with all skills minus red maxed out.

King Louie has Peter Pan’s disk at 5 stars and is at R19 with all skills minus red maxed out.

Elastigirl is at P1 with all her skills around level 50 with her Jack-Jack disc at 4 stars (working on trying to get the fifth one).

Animal (who I only recently started working on) is at R0 with his red skill unlocked and his other skills around level 65. I have the Gonzo disc for him at 1 star.

Can I very easily max out with Elastigirl and Animal being at that for the time being?

Maxed disks on Animal and Elastigirl will change a ton, yes

Also Angel should be more consistent than Jim

If your Esmeralda is decent, you can experiment with using her until you get more stars on Animal’s Gonzo disk; I’ve seen several people say she’s as good as, or even better than, Animal for yellow invasion, though since I don’t use her, I don’t know how strong she needs to be for bot fights.

You do not need animal.

  • Mim (any disk, but magica canhelp early with a reality cut for tanks). Mine is R19
  • Jim (any disk). Mine is R19
  • Elastigirl (jack jack disk at five stars). A reality shred boost is required for four stars). Mine is O2
  • Louie (pan disk at five stars). A slow boost can be helpful with four stars. With three or fewer stars then use the animal disk or a five star stitch Maui disk. Mine is O0
  • fifth toon is a bonus toon, pick whoever as long as you can keep alive. I use finnick with a five star hops disk as it adds 35% more damage to slowed toons. Mine is P3

Mim just needs her white and blue skills to be up (the higher they are the sooner you can effectively use her without power ups).

Keep in mind that the mim team cannot reach as far high in bot level as the Russel and shego teams as her damage is skill level based.

Also the original team was Mim, kida, shang, Louie, and elastigirl. Jim replaces shang and kida.

With that said currently animal is not needed on any invasion team. But Louie is for all three. So if your during resources on animal just for invasion you may be wasting them

Not true, you can reach any high level you can with mim.
As much as you can play
All skills doesn’t matter, all mods doesn’t matter

Mims 35% damage is bound by the blue skill level.

You do not need to keep them maxed but if you have a low ranked mim with low level skills you need to build power ups before using the team.

I did not say you cannot go endlessly. But shatter and pierce are not bound by skill level when attacking a higher level bot in your guild.


Shatter won’t work if no power ups used too, it will be luck if low team kills high level bots, maybe after 100 tries or from 1st try

Sorry I should clarify.
Shatter needs power ups to be applied but the fantastic damage that does 8% true damage does not. So if you do a red team with jim, russel, and Louie you can add any additional fantastic toon (like jack skeleton) to supplement the fantastic damage needed to trigger shatter

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