Is this game good?

Hello everyone, I am new to the game and I would like to know how much do you recommend this game and what would be the best server to advance in the game?

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Sure, why not.

Following tier lists and guides and asking for help definitely will help.

Server 1 only, the newer server the worse it gets.

Server 1 has the biggest free stamina and other rewards across the modes, and has best in-game deals too. Making the progress much faster.


Really??? I am on server 25 and I am progressing very slowly. I do not spend any money, so that might be the reason. Would you mind giving a little more info on how server 1 is better?

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Server 23 here, and I never spent IRL cash, just Gold, Tokens and Diamonds.

When you look at the deals it shows. You guys het 5k stam for 22 euro we 118k stam


This? :large_blue_circle:

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The game started out good, but now I am at the point where I wish I never started to play it.

Simple explanation, the further into the story campaign you go, the more pay2win it becomes.

So if you’re looking for a game you can play casually and free2play, this is not the game you are looking for.


Yo soy del servidor una , el juego es bueno ,pero en el chat censuran tonterias, a mi me han silenciado 2 veces sin motivo , no puedo escribir pollo, me lo censuraron , y estaba conversando con una amiga de comida, ella peso que le habia dicho una mala palabra y se enojo

Así que deberías saltarte esa palabra.

Server 25. Can you switch servers? If so, how?

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Click the avatar on the main screen.

Accounts → New Account → Choose Server 1

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