Is this is decent team?

Hi, I’m extremely new here so I’m unsure of where this should go. This looks like the place based on other threads but please tell me if it’s not the right place.

I wanted some suggestions on this team:
Tank: Olaf
Damage: Elsa
Support: Kristoff and Sven
Control: Honey Lemon and Ian Lightfoot

The team comp I’m looking for is based around freezes so I’d prefer to leave Elsa and K&S but I’m fine with swapping out the other 3 if need be.


I would leave out Olaf and replace him with eithet Powerline(Du) or Winnie the Pooh (Ti or Go).

Ian doesn’t really fit in there, but doesn’t hurt either

Ian fits perfectly actually. Honey Lemon is best with both blind and freeze.

The team isn’t necessarily bad, just looks kinda frail. Maybe replacing Olaf and Elsa with Pooh and someone with strong defenses (Fear, Slinky, T&P) would be a good idea


I can see replacing Olaf but would removing Elsa cripple my freeze potential? K&S have a decent freeze but it’s not consistent.

Kristoff’s freeze is usually pretty good on its own

I would just kick Olaf and add Claw or Slinky.
Elsa’s damage is good.

Two differing opinions, either of you care to back yours up?

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Olaf for Slinky seems like a good idea as well

Claw: Great healing and BD bonus and dealing big damage
Slinky: Really amazing shields and kind of good damage
(out of these two I would pick Slinky)
Elsa: With all the freezing she will deal amazing damage and RS will allow her to spam her active

Kristoff, Honey and Ian are very very good.


Claw (both, but I prefer Li)
Slinky (Ti)
Elsa (Fr)
Kristoff (Ki)
Honey (Hi)
Ian (Go)

Extra note: Elsa can be replaced by Kermit.

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I agree with that… I have my own issue. This team:

I have:
and cheshire who are all 86-94. Who should I use?

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