Is this some kind of joke?

I really hope it is. Because if this is going to be the only way to get Cinderella chips besides using real money this will be extremely scummy of them! Not being available in gold, vip, guild, or diamond crates or even in elite campaign and stores is going to make her almost I’m to work on because the chip rewards in this is immensely small!


this is nothing new :man_shrugging: Challenger has had a featured/exclusive hero for as long as it’s existed.

getting into these leagues isn’t too challenging for the active player, however new they may be.

Yeah, the chips rewarded are low and it’s a bit silly - we’ve had to wait months to complete collections because heroes were locked in there, as well as not being able to work on their red skills effectively.


While true, the problem is that the hero has always been a new hero! Cinderella has been in the game so for them to put a character that people already have in there, it’s ruining her because now it’s going to take literally forever to work on her red skill and mods.


So does this mean no new character for challenger reward?

Sad sigh.


Exactly. And now people are going to have a rough time on working on Cinderella


Except I feel like now they’ll rotate the hero every season

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But based on experience I would not put money on that bet


The chips rewards are also now doubled, according to the patch notes, so while not exactly generous it’s a bit better than it was

Double nothing is still nothing

These rewards are 4 years outdated when compared to prize wall
The only things remotely useful is the mod upgrades, which are also too low for a weekly reward


Say whaaaaaaaaattt now?

I dont know what you are asking?

I am asking what do you mean hero chips on which hero I mean

Cinderella - it is in the first topic???

But I did not say anything about hero chips?

Sorry it just confused me a bit

I’ve still got 183 of her hero chips after unlocking her red skill and raising it to level 35 (woo), and that’s more than enough to attune 4 upgraded mods to her. Maybe some people weren’t able to get enough of her chips to get her to 6 stars, unlock her red skill, and have at least 100 left over for mods, but that seems like it shouldn’t have been too hard to attain.

As for working on her red skill, yeah, that’s a problem, but it’s far, far from unique to Challenger reward heroes; pretty much any new hero is going to be faced with a severe shortage of hero chips. Especially ones that end up in Special Event crates. Doubling the number of chips in Challenger rewards will help slightly, at least, even if it’s not as helpful as having her available in Elite or one of the Markets. Hopefully PerBlue is working on improving the hero chip supply; that would be a nice surprise…

Yeah, if they had doubled the mod upgrades in addition to the hero chips, I would’ve been genuinely excited. Ah well…

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