Is this the way the game is supposed to be?

As you can see, my Mickey hasn’t done much healing at all… And what I feel is that my heros always get stunned by Ra. He uses his white skills so often like he has infinitite energy.

I couldn’t even beat a single hero in the opponent team… Is this the way the game is supposed to be? If so, it Feels So Unbalanced…

Ralph being a tank is in front, taking damage quickly therefore building energy quickly. Combined with the speed buff for woody, he healing/buff from mickey, plus his own healing ability that would let him stick around and attack very quickly

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If you’d call that unbalanced… you must haven’t met quorra.

No, Ralph is not unbalanced. He is not even an expert disabled (meet Wall E) there are many candidates that’ll destroy Ralph, mr incredible, sully, tia… etc

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