Isabela Madrigal‎

Isabela Madrigal

Stars at the beginning: :star:
Role: Control
Position: Back
Team: Yellow

Entrance: Isabela emerge slowly from the top of the screen on her swing.
Victory: Isabela creates multi-coloured flowers around her and smiles.
Defeat: Isabela gets angry.

Quote: ‘‘If you weren’t always trying too hard, you wouldn’t be in the way.’’

Basic attack: Isabela sends a wave of flower petals at the nearest enemy

White Skill: Flower Hurricane :sparkles:
Isabela creates a tornado made of petals of flowers, the tornado travels through the battlefield and deals X damage every second and knocks enemies back while nearby enemies.

The tornado applies 1 stack of Weakness every second to silenced enemies, these stacks last for 8 seconds each.

Green Skill: Not a Sound…
Isabela gets annoyed and silences all enemies for 13 seconds, while silenced, enemies lose X Basic Damage and X Reality.

Isabela gains 2 stacks of Hardy for each applied silence by this skill.

Blue Skill: Stay Away :sparkles:
Isabela creates an X made of flower’s roots next to the nearest enemy, immediately dealing X damage to them, when enemies will attempt to pass thru the X they will be pulled by new roots to the back of the battlefield, this enemy will also receive X damage and become stunned for 6 seconds.

The Flower X will stay on the battlefield for 5 seconds.

Purple Skill: New Possibilities :sparkles:
Once per wave when Isabela reaches 60% of her Max HP she immediately fully heals and gains Reflect for 4 seconds and gains X Basic Damage for the remainder of the wave.

This also makes a cactus appear next to a random enemy, enemies nearby to the cactus receive X damage every second and are applied with 1 stack of Fatigue every second, the amount of damage and fatigue stacks is tripled on silenced enemies.

Red Skill: The Golden Child
Isabela’s basic attacks heal herself and allies by X HP.

If Isabela’s or her allies silences were meant to be evaded by enemies they will become silenced for 4 seconds, ignoring the enemy’s Evasion.

Isabela is immune to Charms, whenever an enemy attempts to Charm her she will reduce their Tenacity and Evasion by 50% for 6 seconds, silence them for 6 seconds and reduce their Armor by 80% for 10 seconds.

The Silence has a chance to fail and Armor Reduction is less effective on enemies above level X.

Additional stat boosts:
+X Reality
+X Evasion


Yax - Flower Power

Gradually Increasing Damage

  • +X BD
  • +X SP
  • +X Armor
  • Every 2 seconds Isabela and allies gain 2% Basic Damage and Skill Power; up to 200% (+2% per star)

The Queen of Hearts - Garden Decoration

Stronger Fatigue

  • +X HP
  • Enemies lose X Armor per stack of Fatigue
  • Enemies lose X Reality per stack of Fatigue
  • Each time a stack of fatigue is applied to enemies there is a 20% chance they will duplicate (+20% per star)
  • Enemies with 3 or more Fatigue stacks lose 12% Attack and Movement Speed (+12% per star)

Battle Badge
Requires to charge: Heroes use their White skill 3 times

Stat Buff: +X SP
Lineup Based Buff: +X BD per Yellow Team ally
Effect Buff: +50 Fantastic Crit


It’s not really that, she only wanted to fulfill Abuela’s exceptions, and no matter what she always needed to be perfect even if she didn’t wanted at some times, she wasn’t able to be her true self all her lifetime.
Even almost married a man she didn’t truly love due to that…


Oh sorry forgot about that whole arc of she had

It’s perfect


She is perfect.

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Welcome, @JoseftheBest10

I’m just noting I’m well aware she’s just misunderstood and going to delete my first post
Good Concept!:+1:
Here have a flower :blossom:

Why? Its Perfect for the game

So anyway, i made Mirabel Madrigal Hero Concept

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