Isabela Madrigal's Concept


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Description: Flowers Everywhere! Isabela is here to heal herself and bewtiches the enemies with her flowers! She’s ready to beat your… stem!

Quote: I’ve been stuck being perfect my whole entire life.

Initial Stars: :star2:
Team: Blue
Role: Control
Position: Front-Line

Basic Attack: Isabela smells a flower, healing herself for X PS.

White Skill, Invigorating Flowers: Isabela harnesses the power of flowers, gaining each time X skill power and X basic damage until the end of the wave, healing herself for X HP per second for X seconds, invigorating her allies for X seconds, and stealing X energy from the closest enemy.

Green Skill, Shimmering Necklace: Normal Damage
Isabela wears a flower necklace, healing herself for X HP per second for X seconds. Then, she throws it at the furthest enemy, dealing X damage to him.

Blue Skill, Hard Swing: Normal Damage
Isabela swings backwards and propels herself forward, dealing X damage to the X closest enemies. As she pushes forward, Isabela also kicks the closest enemy, dealing an additional X damage to him.

Purple Skill, Charming Song: Isabela sings, bewitching the enemy with more Basic Damage for X seconds and healing herself for X HP per second for X seconds.

Red Skill, Magic Flowers: The “Shining Necklace” skill now charms enemies for X seconds.

The ability “Charming Song”, in addition to bewitching the enemy with more Basic Damage, now enchants a random enemy for 6 seconds, and Isabela increases the Basic Damage of the enchanted enemies by X for the duration of the effect.

  • X Basic Damage
  • X Skill Power
  • X Maximum HP

Friends: Minnie Mouse, Yzma

Minnie Mouse: Campaign “A flower perfume”

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  • X Reality
  • X Basic Damage


“Invigorating Flowers” invigorates the allies X additional seconds.

Allies: Miss Piggy, Mickey Mouse, Randall Boggs

Yzma: Campaign “Flow-Potion”



  • X Maximum HP
  • X Tenacity
  • X Armor


“Charming Song” stuns the other enemies for X seconds.

Allies: Kronk, Goofy, Kida

I hope you liked this concept!


Next time, please finish the concept BEFORE posting it. Waiting to post a concept until it’s finished will always be preferable to posting an unfinished one sooner.


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You can now find this concept in my hero concepts’ collection!

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