It Feels Like a Party Every Day! Jessie Prescott Likely-ish Hero Concept

Jessie Prescott Likely-ish Hero Concept


It feels like a party every day with Jessie Prescott. Using military knowledge and her love for the Ross children, Jessie is sure to bring the house down. Not literally, I hope.

Quote: “One time, I made a gingerbread house that wasn’t up to code, and it collapsed on a little gingerbread family. Still haunts me.”

Alternate costume: Chess Queen Jessie



Chips to unlock: 30

Starting stars: :star::star:

Role: Tank

Position: Frontline

Trials team: Yellow


Basic attack: Jessie punches the nearest enemy.

Entrance: Jessie walks in like she is being filmed for a fashion show.

Victory: Jessie stands up straight, puts her hands on her hips, and smiles.

Defeat: Jessie gets sad and groans.


White skill: Bertram’s Cooking
:fist: Basic damage: Jessie throws three plates full of food at three random foes like frisbees and deals x basic damage.

Green skill: Military Mary
:sparkles: Fantastic damage: Jessie whacks the closest enemy with her childhood doll, Military Mary, dealing x fantastic damage and sapping them for x seconds.

Blue skill: Cheerleading
Jessie cheers for her allies, healing them for x HP over x seconds.

Purple skill: Just Think of Me as One of the Boys
Passive: Jessie gains move speed increased and attack speed increased for x seconds at the start of each wave.

Red skill: Hey, Jessie!
Passive: Jessie cleanses herself once every x seconds and Cheerleading now cleanses all allies.

+X Max HP
+X Armor
+X Tenacity


Friendship 1:

Jessie Prescott/Timon and Pumbaa


Friendship campaign name: The Meerkat, the Warthog, and the Woman

Jessie meets Timon and Pumbaa. They see that she is worried and tell her about their philosophy, Hakuna Matata. Jessie doesn’t really agree, so the duo keep trying to persuade her.

Allies: Simba and Nala, Kronk, and Baloo

Disk name: No Worries

Disk advantages: +X Max Armor, +X Max Armor per star. +X Max HP per level.

Friendship 2:

Jessie Prescott/Megara


Friend campaign name: Fashionable Night Out

Jessie notices Megara’s taste in fashion and compliments it. Meg is pleased and wants to have a girl’s night out.

Allies: Hercules, Aurora, and Jasmine

Disk name: Girl Time

Disk advantages: +X Skill Power, +X Skill Power per star. +X Evasion per level

The issue isn’t quality; it’s quantity/frequency. Constantly posting good concepts can be just as annoying as constantly posting bad ones.

And to be honest, although this concept is decent as a baseline, there’s still a good amount of stuff that needs working on (namely just making the skills stronger with more effects and readjusting some of the variables into number values).

Please don’t ignore the people asking you to wait a couple of days to post more concepts just because you want to get these out as quickly as possible.

Also, try to make sure your grammar, spelling, and punctuation are correct and make sense, because that will make it look and feel more realistic. I agree with @Myeong. Spend more time perfecting your concepts (quality), than posting more. It is more fun for forumers to read an amazing concept once, than read good concepts multiple times!!

However, this is a good concept!! It just needs a few tweaks like @Myeong said in a previous statement.

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