It’s time for The ULTIMATE Disney Heroes Franchise Tournament!

To help celebrate the 4th anniversary of Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, It’s time for YOU the players to determine what the best franchise is in all of Disney Heroes!! We’re going to do it March Madness tournament style using all 32 franchises in DH that have at least 3 heroes in the game!

All month long here in May we will be voting over on my YouTube community tab daily to narrow down what franchise has the best heroes in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. Round 1 is going to begin TODAY and you’ll have 24hrs (beginning at 5pm EST) each day to vote on which franchise should move on to Round 2 of the tournament!

Tournament Results
Round 1
Kim Possible vs Ducktales 83-17%
The Little Mermaid vs Treasure Planet 52-48%
Zootopia vs Winnie the Pooh 69-31%
Big Hero 6 vs Lilo & Stitch 73-27%
Inside Out vs Monsters Inc 78-22%
Alice in Wonderland vs The Incredibles 66-34%
Onward vs Raya and the Last Dragon 66-34%
The Nightmare Before Christmas vs Darkwing Duck 25-75%
Hercules vs Atlantis 88-12%
Mulan vs Mickey and Friends 72-28%
Jungle Book vs Tron 45-55%
Toy Story vs Tangled 82-18%
Lion King vs Pirates of the Caribbean 65-35%
Wreck-It Ralph vs Emperor’s New Groove 29-71%
Hocus Pocus vs Frozen 33-67%
Aladdin vs The Muppets 20-80%

Round 2
Kim Possible vs The Little Mermaid 82-18%
Zootopia vs Big Hero 6 23-77%
Inside Out vs The Incredibles 74-26%
Onward vs Darkwing Duck 40-60%
Hercules vs Mulan 66-34%

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I wonder how @Musketeer is going to choose :joy:

But fun concept overall!

Edit: I do see there is a terrible choice for me along the lines as well. How am I expected to choose between Toy Story and Tangled? :sob:

Theres definitely going to be some heartbreaking votes but I was trying to keep the 2 halves roughly even to keep it interesting :slight_smile:


Before someone brings it up, yes i know there’s some overlap between Ducktales and Darkwing Duck. Technically Gizmo, Launchpad, and Scrooge are a part of both shows but I figured they were separate enough to have 2 different votes, plus I wouldn’t have been able to have a perfect 32 franchise bracket lol

If you would like to use them in your consideration for today’s Ducktales vote go for it but Darkwing Duck is going to consist of DWD, Launchpad, Gizmo, and Quackerjack for the purposes of my tourney

This Little Mermaid and Treasure Planet vote is as close as it can get!! Only 2 more hours to vote in this one!!

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Those words didn’t age well…

It is now 37-37

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In Day 6 of the tournament this Alice in Wonderland vs Incredibles battle is much more one sided than I personally expected. If you like Alice you only have 7 more hours to help a girl out!

Who do you think will win the whole tournament?

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Well the Incredibles are just a far better movie with better characters :man_shrugging:


Very true, I just thought the Cheshire and Mad Hatter factor might make the votes a little closer, but i guess Cheshire is nowhere near as good as he once was

WOW!! Hercules comes out on top with the BIGGEST blowout victory so far in the tournament, beating Atlantis by a whopping 88% to a lowly 12% by Atlantis. Is Hercules going to be the dark horse favorites to win the whole thing?

No Atlantis is just that bad :joy:

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Vinny is probably S tier, Helga is arguably A tier, and I suspect Kida could be useful in some situations.

But going up against Zeus(Ha) and Megara(Sh), that’s not nearly enough.

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Guess I was inccorrect in Big Hero 6 being my biggest surprise of the tourney, because Mulan is putting the beatdown on Mickey & Friends despite Daisy being in the mix, only about 5 more hours to vote in this one if you want Pete/Daisy to move ahead to round 2!

…OK, that’s insane, unless there’s major Mulan fans voting because they love the movie, rather than the value of the heroes. For game use, though, we have:

Mulan collection: Mulan is outdated, Li Shang is an OK support, Shan Yu is an OK damage, and Mushu can silence the opposing team.

Mickey & friends: Mickey himself, alas, badly needs a refresh to be useful, and Donald and Goofy have the nichest of niche uses, but Minnie is still solid, Pete is a good damage hero, and Daisy looks to be top-tier as soon as she’s released.

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That’s what I’m saying, I thought this one would go the exact opposite, or at least be REALLY close, guess Mulan is out for blood with this upset

In yet another big surprise (to me), Tron is besting Jungle Book right now with only about an hour left in voting!

Only 1 more day in Round 1 of the Tournament! As we finish off the first round what thoughts do you guys have so far?! Did any of the winners surprise you? Any predictions for the rest of the tournament!?

I kind of already said this but the 3 biggest surprises to me was how big of a victory Big Hero 6 had over Lilo & Stitch, the Tron victory over Jungle Book, and the Mulan victory over Mickey and Friends!

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