It's me defender momo

Hello it’s me defender momo is have unfortunately lost my last account @Spooky_momo_LV and I’m trying to get it back but for now I’ll be on this account for a while making concepts and other stuff hopefully I get my old account back also thank you for reading this.

How did you lost it?

This may be idiotic of me but I unstalled chrome on my tablet

Did you redownloaded DHBM or you still have it as it is

I still have the app I just had to make a new account

Did you still have your old account

Yes.i still have my defender momo account in the game

So just access the forums via the game :man_facepalming:.

You can go log out this account and press your old account and go to “Forums”

I feel like a huge idiot

Thank for the help

You’re welcome…

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