It's That Time Again, Help Me Help You Help Me


This weeks event needs arena wins, please place your 5 lowest heroes. What ever they are. Do not place one hero, that hurts more then it helps, please place the 5 lowest.

I am on server 2 Platinum IV and mine are already done.

Thank you


Q: What difference does it make?


How does it hurt more than it helps? 1 hero vs 5 weak heroes?


An arena win is an arena win. Beating 1 weak hero is as valid a win as beating a full power 5 hero team. Just make it your weakest hero.


What server is that? On 9 we have the Fortify the Network BS which we literally just had.


because if u post 1 strong hero, weaker players can pull it in city watch cause it might match the target power


What? You’re not making any sense, what has City Watch got to do with the Arena?


The enemy teams in city watch are based on players arena teams.
However the game scales up the team, so posting one hero, the game will scale it up insanely.
It depends alot on which hero is used, but in the past a single Moana or Sulley can be hell.


So as you have read, City Watch bases its teams on what is in the arena. Some times to balance the team it will scale the team in level or in rank so Purple or Orange… You really really do not want to meet a 105 O2 moana or scar in the arena…

So just post a full team of your five weakest

Thank you for all those that participate.