I've posted before, but what's going on with Maui? He's got 6 bites in this video and doesn't get a single KO. Can a Dev confirm if it's a bug or not?

Mauis skill says that he won’t use is unless he can KO an enemy. I posted another thread when he was attacking beast who was in his beast mode that prevented him from going below 1 hit. I understand that bite wouldn’t kill beast because beast had a buff, but according to the text of mauis bite, it should have never been activated.

This video against gonzo is just ridiculous. He gets bitten 6 times and doesn’t die.

So @polaris, I have a question: is mauis text incorrect or just outdated? He should not be able to use his skill unless he can KO, but there’s been many times now that he uses it and the enemy stays alive.

I think the game doesnt understand how to handle a kill attack on someone that is invincible. Pretty sure I’ve seen this happen on beast too. I loved maui but stopped using him because of this.

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It’s happened to beast, Gaston, invisible scar, untargetable Peter pan, and a few others. It’s annoying.

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