Jaegar clade

Stars 1
Backline hero
“You ever wondered why I never tried to come back home, it’s because I’m stuck”

Jaegar clade never heard of defeat and with his flamethrower his enemies shall feel fear.

Entrance: Jaegar clade jumps in heroically
Victory: Jaegar clade drinks some survival water
Defeat: Jaegar clade falls in a hole
Basic attack: Jaegar clade uses his flamethrower.

White skill Icicle smash

Passive: His flamethrower deals x fantastic damage for 3 seconds whenever it hits an enemy it can also hit up to 3 enemies at a time.

Active: Jaegar clade yells calling icicles down dealing x fantastic da,age and freezing enemies for 3.0 seconds. If jaegar clade K.O’s an enemy with this skill jaegar clase gains 20% Skill power for the rest of the wave.

Green skill Got any crossbows?

Jaegar clade pulls out his crossbow primal outpost card giving him +50% attack speed and x basic attack power.

Blue skill Aim at centre mass.

Whenever jaegar clade gains skill power from a source other than this skill he gains 50% of that buff to his basic damage for the rest of the battle. Whenever he gains basic damage other than this blue skill he gains 80% of that buff to his skill power.

Jaegar clade throws a piece of pando dealing x basic damage and dealing x fantastic damage for 4 seconds to an enemy. Also stealing 30% of their current basic attack or skill power.

Purple skill the one and only: Jaegar Claude’s Crits are true damage. Whenever jaegar clade uses his white skill he gains +20% attack speed for the rest of the wave per time he used it that wave. Jaegar clade also gains x armor whenever he crits.

Red skill Legacy of exploring: His flamethrower upgraded to a pandothrower instead dealing x true damage for 5 seconds and having +25% critical chance. Jaegar clade is immune to disables.

It is great to bee back

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This concept is a good start, but there are some things missing like the friendships. There are also many grammatical errors in this concept. I am no concept master myself, but this guide helped me a lot. I think it will really help you, too.


You weren’t timed? Was there some deadline I’m oblivious to? You can take as much time as you like.

I have schedule of the tightsies

Factor into your schedule all of the elements you want to include in a concept so this doesn’t happen.

You don’t have to release a concept on a set date. Just do what you can in one day until you make the perfect concept. There isn’t a rush to make them. Take your time!

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