Jafar: Most Powerful Sorcerer

I’m going to start doing analysis on heroes that both I and the forum community feel are not balanced or fit to compete in the DHBM world today. Not that I actually think these will happen, due to PB’s refusal to comment on why these heroes are what they are, but hey. Can’t blame a guy for trying.

Here’s my take on what would be a better version of Jafar’s statistics and his Skillset, instead of the steroid-stat monstrosity he is today. I know I may have made a topic or two on his skills, but this is sort of my final copy. Hope you enjoy.

:snake: “Jafar: Most Powerful Sorcerer” :snake:

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Jafar was introduced along with Simba & Nala in the 1.12 Patch Notes as a :star2::star2: Backline Control villain. His Skillset is largely oriented around disrupting his enemies with various but popular forms of Control, using powerful charms, slows, and energy sapping to keep his enemies weakened. However, due to the pairing of his Scar Disk and Goofy(Je), the pair have become almost godly when it comes to making a tremendous blast of damage to enemies at the battle start. These suggestions are made in an effort to change that.

Step 1: “Everything Will Be Fine”: Jafar’s
White Skill

Jafar’s active skill is the longest charm in the game. The player manually selects an enemy for Jafar to brainwash with his cobra-headed staff, and with the help of “Sultan-Vile Betrayer”, causes chaos among enemies.

In-Game Description: "The player chooses an enemy for Jafar to charm until he runs out of energy. The target’s Basic Damage is buffed by ?(SP) while they are charmed.

Suggested Fix: “The player selects an enemy for Jafar to charm until he runs out of energy or until the chosen enemy is KO’d. The target’s Basic Damage is increased by ? while charmed. Jafar himself is impervious to all status effects (both negative and positive) while he is charming an enemy.”

How These Might Help/Other Changes:
-Giving Jafar invulnerability to status effects while charming an enemy would help keep him balanced. Stopping positive status effects would keep him from being very overpowered in this state, while immunity to CC would help his survivability and stability while Charming.

Step 2: Fix The Freaking Tornado

Whirling Dervish is a quickly activated Damage-based move where Jafar summons a dust devil that crashes through the battlefield, dealing damage and blinding enemies hit. The DoT Damage by itself is very large on it’s own. But when combined with certain elements such as Goofy and his Jessie Disk, Mickey’s Tooned Up, or other buffs: well, I’ll put it simply for you.

Explanatory Meme

In-Game Description: "Jafar summons a sandstorm that moves through all enemies, dealing ?(SP) damage over time and blinding each enemy hit for 4 seconds.

Suggested Changes: "Jafar summons a sandstorm that moves through enemies, dealing damage over time and blinding enemies for 4 seconds.

Changes To Skill:
-Slice the damage value in half. Maybe as a twist, make all shielded or invisible enemies unaffected by the skill. Significant change will be mentioned later.

Step 3: “Well as far as Overpowered Damage goes, I got the Lions Share . . .”

To be completely honest, I wouldn’t do a ton to this Disk, but I definitely know it’s synergy with Goofy needs to be nerfed.

Step 4: The Goof’s Got To Go

A 5-Star Jessie Disk leads to a 200% Damage increase to blinded enemies. This makes Goofy the perfect partner in crime for Jafar’s tornado spell.

My suggestion! :bulb: Rework the disk. I took inspiration from Olaf’s Moana Disk. Here’s the gist:

Whenever a blind enemy is blinded by Goofy, the enemy takes X 2% • S of their Max HP as Fantastic Damage whenever one of their attacks misses when blinded.

This solves the problem with Jafar’s massive damage buff when this pair is put together.

That’s our show for today. Thank you for reading. Please tell me what you think.


I agree even though I haven’t used Jafar from wha to have heard he is a :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: god in the metagame right now and needs a nerf

I kind of disagree with the Goofy change. I think it might be better to change it to only Tanks or Damage heroes getting the damage boost, to encourage synergies and keep it fairly unique.

Or maybe it could be changed to “Enemy attacks that miss have an 8% * S chance to deal 40% * S of the intended damage to themselves.” to synergize with a few damages and the stupid high number of Frontliners with dodge moves.


I actually like that much better.

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Even if your changes with Goofy(je) were made, the synergy with Hades(me) would still exist.

Personally what I’d do is make the sandstorm summoned by scar disk deal 75% less damage -5% per star so it can serve the purpose it was meant to have- a nice start of combat blind. Not this start of combat instant death.

I’d also reduce the base damage of the sandstorm by 50% and make it Damage and blind over 10 seconds, as to not cripple the move but to give time to prevent and to help reform Jafar into a crowd control rather than a damage.

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