[Japanese translation correction request] Some friend campaigns

I would like to correct the translation in some friend campaigns.

  1. Maleficent and Jack
    Make Sally’s lines feminine. どこに急いでいるん「だ」? どこに急いでいる「の」? If you change it to, it will match the character.

  2. Kim and Joy
    Kanji conversion error in Judy’s dialogue. It says “castle and gray fur”. However, I think it is a mistake of “white=白” instead of “castle=城”.

  3. Honey Lemon and Hiro
    Honey Lemon speaks the lines that Hiro should speak.

  4. Fear and Anger
    Episode description. I wrote that “the head of Fear exploded”, but I think it is a mistake of Anger.

Please forgive me if it has been corrected due to a mistake. Thank you.

It’s not a friend campaign, but I think the translation is wrong. If you make a mistake, please correct it.
[Explanation of Yorokobi skills]
In the description of the active skill, there is a recovery of 3 HP. I think the numbers for happy accumulation and HP recovery are the opposite.

Please support the 【insideout】 collection description in Japanese :slight_smile:

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