Jared Anthony Higgens -@SPOOKY-SOUL

Name-Juice WRLD
Bio- Juice WRLD attacks using wishes and his depression to defeat creeps.
Stars- 2
Position- Middle
Role- Damage
Team- Red
Entrance- Juice WRLD walks in wearing a black sweatshirt with his good on
Victory- Takes off his hood and smiles
Defeat- Takes 3 pain pills
Basic Attack- throws a pain pill dealing X

White Skill- Lucid Dreams-
Passive- Juice WRLD applies 1 stack of Lucid during his basic attack.Each stack of Lucid increases his damage by 20%. (He may only have 10 stacks of Lucid on himself)
Active-Juice WRLD falls asleep for 10 seconds,healing himself for X per second.Juice WRLD then wakes up at a sudden start,scaring enemies for 15 seconds. (This absorbs all stacks of Lucid on the battlefield)

Green Skill- Wishing Well- Juice WRLD throws 1 coin into a well,the coin will either grant Juice WRLD 200 energy,heal the weakest ally for X or increase the strongest allies attack damage by 25%

Blue Skill-Come and Go- The first time Juice WRLD is KO’D, he takes a pain pill, and heals himself for X , and making him invincible for 7 seconds

Purple-additional Wishes- Juice WRLD now throws 3 coins into the well during “Wishing Well” instead of 1. Each coin now applies each affect

The buff has a chance to fail against allies above level X

Red Skill- Night Terrors- When Juice WRLD uses “Lucid Dreams” he gains 3 stacks of hardy and heals himself for 20% more HP per stack

Red Skill Buffs-

  • 35000 HP
  • 75000 Basic Damage
  • Heals for X more HP during “Come and Go”

Friendships- Juice WRLD + Power line
Allies- Goofy,Miguel and Jack Skellington
Disk/Buff- Disk-( ) Buff- Juice WRLD now increases his basic crit by 6% per stack of Lucid on him. Plus 6% more per star

Juice WRLD + Sadness
Disk/Buff- Disk-( ) Buff- When Juice WRLD uses “Lucid Dreams” he applies 1 stack of fatigue on the strongest enemy. Plus 1 more stack per star

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Currently this skill deals 0 damage. So either make it deal damage or remove the Fantastic Damage

weakest ally

Basic damage

Is there a maximum number of stacks of Lucid he can have?

This skill needs a variable

Other than that this is a pretty solid concept, good job


I was told not to put variabkes for numbers lol, but the others I will do

The purple skill needs a variable (X), so maybe give it a chance to have the additional effects be less effective against enemies above level X.

Oh, that’s what u meant, I’ll do that

What about the friendship campaigns, anything I should edit?

I didn’t worry about the story, so other than that

They seem a bit over powered maybe change them to:

Juice WRLD’s Normal Crit chance is increased by 6% per stack of Lucid on him plus 6% per star.

When Juice World uses “Lucid Dreams”, he applies 1 stack of fatigue to the Most Wanted enemy plus 1 stack of fatigue per star.

Ok, can I have disk names?

Is that good?

No clue who this guy is, so I can’t help with disk names

That’s fair, he is a rapper, who died last year due to pain pill overdose. He makes good music though

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