Jasmine collection bug

why does jasmine have a damage hero buff once she is control @Polaris

Edit: jasmine aLso doesn’t show up in control heroes

Edit 2 jasmine isn’t in s1 (Screenshots gains from s1 account

Which server are you on?

16 (10 characters

Oh okay. This is a bug. Also how come server 16 has Jasmine and Server 1 doesn’t?

WAIT for real?


I just looked omg

She actually isn’t

She’s revealed in Server 10 as well

She will be available on Tuesday, per the patch notes Update 1.12.4 Patch Notes

That’s not my point we’re talking about bugs


She should appear In server 1-17

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I wonder if this will be fixed.

Yep, this will be fixed. She should be in the Control collection, not Damage.


Ok Thanks.

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