Jiminy Cricket Hero Concept

Jiminy Cricket

Always let your conscience be your guide and trust Jiminy Cricket when he helps his allies and does what’s right.

“Cricket’s the name…Jiminy Cricket!”
Role: Support
Position: Back
Trial Team: Yellow

Basic Attack: See Passive

Entrance: Hops in

Victory: Shows the player his golden badge

Defeat: Looks mad and shakes his umbrella at enemies


White Skill: Wish Upon A Star

Passive: Instead of having a Basic Attack, Jiminy blows into his umbrella like a flute. This heals a random ally for X HP.

Active: A bright star appears and applies one of these effects to the front-most ally depending on their health:

  • More than 75% Max HP: Heals that ally for X HP

  • 50%-74% Max HP: Heals that ally for X HP and give them a random stat boost

  • Less than 50% Max HP: Gives them a random stat boost and gives them invincibility for 6 seconds

Green Skill: Give A Little Whistle

At the start of each wave, Jiminy Cricket floats down from his umbrella while whistling. This gives all allies a random stat boost and heals them for X HP over 7 seconds.

The heal is less effective against allies above level X.

Blue Skill: Trusty Umbrella

Normal Damage :fist:
Jiminy throws his umbrella like a javelin at a random enemy, dealing X Damage an stealing a random buff from that enemy and giving it to Jiminy Cricket.

The buff steal can fail against enemies above level X.

Purple Skill: Right From Wrong

Jiminy Cricket is immune to disables. If an ally would be charmed, they resist it and instead heal for X HP.

This can fail against allies above level X.

Red Skill: Guiding Conscience

Whenever an ally is healed from any source, they gain either X Armor, X Skill Power, or X Reality for the rest of the wave. Whenever an enemy is disabled, the ally who disabled them gains X Skill Power.

+Y Max HP
+Z Damage from Trusty Umbrella


Calming Advice
Jiminy Cricket and Beast
Improved Healing

Disk Power

  • +X Conservation


  • Improved healing by 15% when Jiminy Cricket is below 50% Max HP
    (Plus 10% per star)

Allies: Dash, Ursula, Peter Pan

Playful Pouncer
Jiminy Cricket and Simba & Nala
Improved Healing

Disk Power

  • +X Skill Power


  • Jiminy Cricket heals himself for 10% of what he heals his allies for
    (Plus 10% per star)

Allies: Alice, Jack Skellington, Powerline


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Here’s a better image of Jimminy cricket

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Thanks lol, I don’t know why that one area stayed when I removed the background

I recommend using this site if you wanna remove https://www.remove.bg/

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That’s the website I used

Whoops anyways good concept

Do honest John and Gideon next

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I’ve been requesting this character in the game since I first joined in 2018.

Great Concept!

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Not sure about the friendships though :thinking:

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Glad you liked it, what friendships would you have liked?

This. Is. Great!!! :smile:

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