Jimmy Here (unlikely hero concept)

Name: Jimmy Here
Team: Red (duh)
Role: Damage
Position: front
Stars: 1

Description: With the raw power of memes by his side, the king of the You Laugh, You Lose proves to be a powerful force on the battlefield.

Quote: “I look nothing like Doogal.”

Entrance: he walks onto the screen and pulls out a metal pipe.

Basic attack: he whacks the nearest enemy with the metal pipe.

Victory: he raises the pipe in triumph.

Lose: he accidentally drops the pipe and bursts into a laughing fit.

White skill: Pickle Barrage

Jimmy pulls out a box of Big Papa Pickles and throws one at each enemy, removing X percent of each enemy’s HP.

Green skill: Do It For You

Jimmy pulls out his borzoi puppy, Kermie, charming all enemies for X seconds, and healing the teammate with the lowest HP.

Blue skill: Jumpscare

Jimmy pulls out a silver platter. Then, he lifts the lid, revealing a blue lobster, scaring all enemies for X seconds.

Purple skill: Memes Will Never End

“Pickle Barrage” now stuns enemies for 10 seconds

Red skill: Ok I Pull Up

he gains X HP from “Jumpscare”

Jimmy Here/King Louie
Jimmy Here/Kermit the Frog

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