John silver needs recoding

It seems like the dev team forgot about him, and left him on the shelf?

With rank and scaling, at max level, he now instantly kills himself when he uses his white skill because the damage to himself is significantly greater than his actual maximum health.

He’s basically an irrelevant hero at this point, but does factor into friends quests. Would be nice if he’s less suicidal.

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He’s got 194 million HP, and his recoil damage is only 19 million damage. Even if you assume a super crit and maxed Red Skill, he’s not even doing half of his HP in damage to himself.

And if you’re on a newer server, 2.6m damage vs. 40m HP with ~10% chance to crit.

It’s just not happening.

Armor mods might help you. As said above, if Silver has maximum level and rank, he deals around 15% damage to himself. However, it is Normal damage, so it can be negated with Armor.

I forgot to take this into account, so he’d be doing even less damage to himself.

Maybe the problem is rank. With the cost of stamina, my John is level 300, but r0 rank because I had no reason to rank a useless hero up.

At level 300, r0 rank, he absolutely 1 shots himself with white skill

Found the problem!


Please don’t do that. If you see a hero hurting himself with a yellow number, that just means he will hurt himself more if you level that up.

To be honest, the team could probably reprogram the damage to be more dependable on Skill Power or Basic Damage as is the output @Loutre. Just an idea.

We were able to recreate it so having the team look into it because yeah that’s not super fun for him to just one shot himself.

Thanks. :heart:

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