Joke Hero refreshes


The team for DHBM has been doing so well to update this game and grind out new features that i’ve been thinking about how to help.
The Solution? A thread devoted to suggesting changes that would help these heroes feel more true to themselves. Here, feel free to leave any comments about changes that could be made to bring these heroes more “in-line” with reality.
(This is a thread designed to allow people to suggest Hero Refreshes to be silly and maybe even make someone laugh. Feel free to slightly change stats or to throw away skills altogether, I don’t care (I can’t really stop you) But note there are a few rules about comedy. Notably the first one is dealing 9999999999999 damage won’t always be funny. Get creative)

I’ll go first with a hero refresh. Then at the end of the post, i’ll list a hero that the next person must refresh. they will list a hero and so on, and so on…

Mickey Mouse: (how could this not start with him?)
White: Meeska Mooska, Mickeeeeey Mouse!. (New)
Utters the secret words, dropping a giant clubhouse on all enemies, dealing damage.
Green: Silly Symphony.
Affected allies now happily skip away from combat with a song in their soul. (Instant KO)
Blue: sorceror’s apprentice.
Now summons an army of brooms and mops to whisk Mickey away from combat. (instant KO) The water left behind also gives all enemies a 25% chance of slipping and falling. Has a chance to fail
Purple: Biggest Mascot
Mickey mouse cannot be defeated and gains health per second.

Next is either Chief Bogo or Alice.

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And it’s a joke so yeah. I explained all that to you. Still I’m not gonna delete it


As the title clearly states, this is a Joke thread centered around hero refreshes.
If you have nothing to add to this post except your criticisms, please ignore this post. On the other hand, this thread was created as a means of helping everybody to relax. With the Anniversary update around the corner, as well as threads constantly being created concerning refresh suggestions/feedback, I thought this would serve well to help everybody to relax and focus on something not as pressing and not as important.

I seem to remember a similar reply you posted on a thread titled Hero Concepts Based on Pets, which you received a flag for. Evidently you haven’t learned your lesson. There is no reason to come here and post such a reply if you are only into serious business .(I can respect that.) Simply leave us (people using this community forums for more casual affairs.) alone.

P.s. I do know that Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was retired. But that isn’t the point, now is it? There are many other hero skills (and badges) that reference works even older than this. But a giant Clubhouse falling on the enemy is funnier and more unexpected than another kart driving through all enemies.

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If you need an example of an on topic reply, it would work to replace Mike Wazowski’s On a Roll skill with Preventative Spray.

Preventative Spray: Mike sprays himself in the eye with Air freshener, increasing his attack speed by 400% for 6 seconds, gaining extra Basic Damage, and blinding himself for 6 seconds.

The point is, no same person would put a skill like this into the game for real.