Joy-Olaf friendship bug

I think enemies on Joy-Olaf disk are not on the right level, here is a video of the friendship on Episode 1 chapter 4 see how Mad hatter charm fail and Mr incredible take 65k damage(plus Olaf green skill damage) and die, but in my run MH charm NEVER fail like he is in a higher level then me (Joy lv 127, Olaf lv 125 , MH lv 109), and Mr I. Takes 187k damage and still have 50% hp because he activate the boost and i die, so that means he have 374K hp on O6 lv 109 1 Star? But in the video he dies with 65k damage, Something on this friendship is not right.

Well, the charm is MH’s blue skill right?

Creeps have their skills raised differently than the normla heroes do. Creeps have theirs raised to be in line with their lvl. Soo MH’s charm may have been above tour characters lvl. :thinking:

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If that was the case MH from the guy on the video will always charm as well, but fail all the times, and there is no sense on his Mr I. With 80k hp and mine with 374K.

Hmm true. What server is this on??

Server 1, my guildmates said that with a O5 Olaf you can easily win the campaign, but now unfortunately people that did the friendship in the past have to go against a 80k hp Mr I. and a normal MH, now you need to win against a always charm MH and a 374K Hp Mr I. I think only at Red Olaf can kill him or even Red1 because Olaf get so little damage with upgrades, this is just wrong the friendship in the past was a lot easier, something need to be changed there.

I have been majorly struggling with this campaign. Mr. Incredible isn’t really the problem though. It’s Gaston and the MH. Even with an O8 6-star Olaf with two max +1 SP and BD mods, I cannot fight them off in time! I think it has to do with their charms as well.

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Struggling here too, something is broken on this mission

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I made it to the first stage of the third episode, and that’s where I’m stuck with Gaston and MH. I got past the other levels mainly through having good timing in activating Olaf’s white.

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But this is not right, the campaign is lv 121, in the past was a really easy campaign and now without reason is super hard and need a Red Olaf 6 star max skills to finish, this is wrong, just see the video the guy finish like was nothing, my guildmates finished with a O5 Olaf when the campaign release, i don’t know why perblue buff the enemies in this campaign so much but they need to do something.

I have completed the friendship :woman_shrugging:

@Polaris. There seems to be an issue with the difficulty of this friend campaign.

I’m stuck in this part (3.5)
I think that it’s a bug in this friendship, Olaf damage is so low in the enemies. The second stage of 3.5 is impossible to kill the Sully.


This is because Sulley got a buff after the friendship release, so it was really easy to kill him without buff just with Olaf, but now he have too many armor to Olaf and Mickey kill him, i really don’t think it’s possible, maybe with Olaf and Mickey R1. @Polaris this level was done before Sulley got a buff, i think you guys need to change something there because if you change a character in the friendship that change everything you need to balance the friendship as well.

Just turn off auto

I already did everything, trust me it’s not possible, no matter Auto on or off, you just can’t do enough damage to Sulley before he heals, and you can’t even freeze him fast because Mike keep stunning you and Frozone keep freezing, i already have Joy-Anger disk to clean debuffs but they stun and freeze to fast for her and in the meantime Sulley keep healing, and now with his buff he have a lot of armor and Olaf can’t do any damage to him.

Before his buff Sulley have nearly no armor, so Olaf kill him in seconds, but now with his buff he get a lot of armor, so much that Olaf and Mickey can’t do enough damage, that’s the point.

Episode 3-5 power before

Episode 3-5 power now, is just stupid…

I also noticed that your team lost around 70k power.

That is Mr loh a Plus team, he did the friendship before Sulley buff, the second team is mine, already with the big buff on this friendship without reason, you can see how easy it was in 15:44 on his video , and Now a Red Olaf can’t do nothing to Sulley, we will need to wait Olaf Red Skill to do this episode, is just impossible right now and @Polaris don’t even say why.

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