Judy's red skill Korean translation

If what I understand is right, there is no level limit to giving allies Energy, Tenacity, Hardy. There is a level limit only when ‘Studying’ enemies.

In the Korean version, the last sentence should be revised.

이는 121레벨 위의 적에게는 실패할 확률이 있습니다 (X)
연구는 121레벨 위의 적에게는 실패할 확률이 있습니다 (O)

‘이는 121레벨 위의 적에게는 실패할 확률이 있습니다’
If ‘이’ used in this sentence, it can be misunderstood that there is a level limit when giving allies energy, tenacity, hardy, and when studying enemies both.
It is more appropriate to change ‘이’ to ‘연구’


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