Jumanji Concept #6: Ming Fleetfoot

Ming Fleetfoot
:star::star: Back-line Control
Team: Red

“Oh, man. I’m sweating. I’m sweating. Stealing makes me very uncomfortable, which is not ideal for a burglar.”

The crafty thief of Jumanji uses her many thievery styles to steal her enemies’ prized possessions.


Entrance: Gets powered by a wire into her position

Victory: Pulls out a golden chain and smiles at it

Defeat: Sneezes


Basic Attack: Tosses lock picks

White Skill: Pick-Pocket


Fantastic Damage :sparkles:
The screen goes dark for a second and then comes back on. This removes up to 3 buffs from all enemies and divides them between Ming and her allies. Enemies that did not have any buffs instead take X Damage.

Green Skill: Cat Burglar


Fantastic Damage :sparkles:
At the start of each wave, Ming instead gets lowered down to the enemy team above an enemy with a shield, Ming takes the shield and gives it to herself. If there is no shielded enemy, a random enemy is dealt X Damage.

Blue Skill: Which Pick


Ming looks though her set of lock-picks, studying the furthest enemy for 7 seconds and granting her X Skill Power.

The study can fail against enemies above level X.

Purple Skill: Small and Crafty


When Ming receives a shield, her attack and movement speed is increased by 40% for the duration of the shield.

This is less effective when Ming is above level X.

Red Skill: Master Thief


Whenever an ally or an enemy with a buff is KO’d, Ming revives the same buff for the same duration and heals for X HP. Ming Fleetfoot receives X less damage per second from Damage over time skills.

+X Skill Power
+Y Max HP
+Z Armor


Ming Fleetfoot and Aladdin
Campaign: Try To Keep Up
Disk: Hardcore Heist- Ming is immune to the first disable plus one disable per star.
+X Reality
Description: Ming asks Aladdin for help with a heist.
Allies: Flynn Rider, Jack Sparrow, Robin Hood

Ming Fleetfoot and Kim Possible
Campaign: Mission: Break Out
Disk: Out-Crafted- Whenever an enemy receives damage from Pick-Pocket or Cat Burglar, they are stunned for 1 second plus 2 seconds per star.
+X Evasion
Description: Ming and Kim try to break free from a villain’s hideout.
Allies: Shank, Darkwing Duck, Kevin Flynn

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