Junior Woodchuck Boy Scout

Huey Duck

“If it’s not in the Junior Woodchuck Guidebook then it’s not a thing”

Huey is a mid-line damage hero

Trial Team: Red

Stars: :star:


Entrance: Huey walks into the battlefield

Victory: Huey jumps up and cheers

K.O.: Huey stomps the ground and crosses his arms in anger

Basic Attack: Huey takes out a bat and swings it at an enemy, dealing Y damage


White Skill: Senior Woodchuck
Huey cheers on his team and increases all allies’ attack speed by 100% and boosts all skill power by X all for 6 seconds

Green Skill: Woodchuck Guidebook
Huey takes out his Junior Woodchuck Guidebook and opens it, studying enemies for 7 seconds

Study may fail against allies above level Z

Blue Skill: Rule #18
:fist: Normal Damage
Every 9 seconds, Huey dodges an attack and hits a baseball with his bat, hitting the enemy with the most HP, dealing Y more damage than the dodged attack

Purple Skill: Sasquatch Trap
At the beginning of every wave, Huey “traps” an enemy for 6 seconds. When “trapped”, enemies are stunned, and when attacked, dealt 70% more damage

“Trap” may fail against enemies above level Z

Red Skill: Batter Up
:fist: Normal Damage
Every 3rd basic attack, Huey may heals all allies for Z HP and deals Z damage to all enemies

This effect is reduced against allies above level Z

Additional Stat Boosts:
+Z Max HP
+Z Skill Power
+Z damage with “Rule #18

X = Skill Power; Y = Basic Damage; Z = Level Cap


Huey - Hiro
Robotics Badge
Longer Study
Allies: Barbossa, Baymax, Jasmine

  • +X Skill Power
  • “Woodchuck Guidebook” now studies for 2 more seconds (increases by 1 second for every added star)

Huey - Yzma
Cracked Vial
Traps Last Longer
Allies: Ursula, Animal, Miss Piggy

  • “Sasquatch Trap” now decreases all armor and reality by X
  • “Sasquatch Trap” lasts 1.2 more seconds

Hope you liked it!



  • Dewey - 6/26
  • Louie - 6/30
  • Webby - 7/3

Delays might occur

I haven’t noticed the post properly earlier, but I can say that it seems overall interesting :-).

I don’t know if I have any feedback specifically, but I think making the basic attack a little more Junior Woodchuck related could be good, unless you are already referring to a specific Junior Woodchuck event with it :-).

And yeah, can say that I love the boys in general ^^.
This story I recommend you reading if you haven’t already as it is the story by Don Rosa on how the boys joined Junior Woodchucks :-).


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It’s a really cool idea

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ANNOUNCEMENT: After the Webby concept is finished I am doing a 1K like special and I will make 3 heroes. If you request heroes I will do them, as long as I know them

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