Jurassic world hybrid

Description: Fuse between Tyrannosaurus and Velociraptor, Indominus Rex is a very dangerous experience hybrid who uses camouflage to attack any enemies nearby.

Position: Front

Role Damage



Basic attack: Slash the closest enemies with its claws

White skill, Armor free: Indominus deals True damage against enemies. It ignores shields and armor and will instantly KO the enemies,like Maui and the Queen of Hearts.

Green skill, Fierce or Untamable King: When the Indominus Rex reach to 0 hp, Indominus revives itself to its max hp. During this time, it becomes invincible for 12 seconds.

Blue skill, Cuttlefishosaurus: At the began of each wave, Indominus Rex becomes invisible for 7 seconds. During this time, It deals extra damage.

Purple skill, Indomune: Indominus is now immune to disable and debuff.

Red skill: Enemies gains decrease attack

Entrance: Walks in roaring at the enemy.

Victory:Raise its head up high and roar.

Defeat: Collapsed to floor


Indominus and Scar

King or no King

Steals opponents health

Allies: Animal, Jafar, Ralph

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Ya know, working on a dinosaur concept is often hard to do, am I right?

Did you use the image from Jurassic world alive? lol

  • White Skill is just a Maui’s Active Reboot…

  • Reviving Skills are usually unlocked at Blue/Purple Rank

  • Blue Skill is Scar’s Blue Skill

  • Purple Skill is Flynn’s Purple Skill

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Roaring? Its victory Well it should be it Walks in its postion and it Roars At The Enemys As it Stops Roaring There Monarch

Yep. I sure did

Whoopsie! My bad

I was making Indominus Rex concept like from Jurassic world alive and the game

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Anyways Nice Concept Art

Thanks pal

Your Welcome any Ways Since You Do indominus’s Concept What About indoraptor Concept? unnamed

I’ll try the best as I can

Alright (10 Characters)

I was copying it like from Jurassic world alive