Just a few questions

So I’m on server 22 and we will be getting red rank and red skills finally coming to our server. So for people already on the higher up servers. Is QoH worth the investment now? How does Hades red skill do against her? I have a pretty good set of heroes atm but know I’ll need to make some changes once red skills hit, obviously I know heroes like Mulan, Powerline, Pooh, etc are all still really good, but is there any heroes that stand out that get a huge boost from red skills?

I would try looking at @Aurora_Veil’s guides. They are awesome and should be able to help you a lot. I can send a link to them if needed.

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Hades- Good for Arena/Coli defense…Hes red skills makes it! Invincible

Queen of Hearts is worth the investment if you can build her up. She is a crazy strong counter for a lot of heroes, including Beast, Hades, Randall, and a few others.

Li Shang ist sehr stark auf Rot!
Auch Duke Caboom
Kristoff und Sven , Elsa

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