Just miss enviroment before merge in Server 5

Server 5 before merge was relax and chill but when after merge happen… what can i say full of troll and hoping that they not merge their bad attitude in server 5 if they not it can be full of toxic

There’s nothing that they can do about that during a merge. If people are bugging you, ignore them. If it’s serious or offensive on a more serious scale, block and report.


I am not sure if there are much more toxicity in server 5 after the merge, but the chat has definitely gotten more busy and active compared to before. I know that for a good while there were a lot of non-English speaking people mainly talking and making harder for people who prefer English, but other than that I haven’t noticed much I think.

I can say that I can only see the global chat and not the vip chat.

Hopefully the chat stabilizes some after some days, so hopefully it gets a bit better :-).

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