Just use your own…

So, why do people have to advertise their stuff on other people’s things. Today I made my pete concept, and some one, who will go un named, used my concept to advertise theirs.

Why do people do this, I know This is not the first time to happen, but why do you need to do this, just post your and it will get attention, you don’t need to use people’s work as advertisement for your stuff. I know some people are mad at this to, but why do you need to do it, please tell me?

It happens usually if they like the concept. And think others will like it and like theirs.

Just flag as “Off topic” and that is done.

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And who is speaking this, huh?

And here’s somebody else’s screenshot.


What do you mean?

Also that was different, I wasn’t advertising them, I was doing that for the poll thing that ended in smoke. I thought we all understood that that was my first contest.

You know what is the one the thing you forgot to say in that contest? Is that you forgot to say it was a contest at all. Just saying.

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Well it was rude of you to do it!


well, gang, mystery solved.

Don’t revive dead threads

oof sorry.

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