Just when you think Shank is bad news…

Pacha comes along and asks her to hold his drink.

I’ve been trying to finish certain friendship campaigns for both Aurora and Prince Phillip, but Pacha… my God… I can’t believe this guy! Not only does he do tremendous damage, but he just keeps on slurping up those blasted bugs of his and healing up, no matter how many times I hit him!

I’m currently stuck on level 3-5 of Aurora’s Snow White campaign, as a result of having to face this guy twice in a row! And of course, it doesn’t help that my ally is someone I don’t care about, and don’t feel like wasting resources to upgrade - Bo Peep. Why couldn’t it be someone useful, like the Mad Hatter? Then I could keep Snow White from getting frozen in the second wave, and maybe save Aurora from getting pummeled as a result. (Yes, I do currently only have one star for her, but I’ve gotten her up to yellow rank and level 255. I kinda figured that’d be enough.)

Update: I don’t know how I did it, but I was finally able to beat that chapter I was on. And thank Heaven above, the ally for the next chapter is Pocahontas. Finally, someone useful! (Well, I mean… Mulan is good - when you have access to her.)


Oddly, I had more trouble with Shank vs Mulan even though my Mulan is my 2nd most powerful character (ranked by power rating not usefulness) because Shank just devours anyone doing just normal damage especially with lots of crits.

I thought I would just breeze through with my awesome Mulan but I hit a brick wall until the other girls got beefed up.

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This is why i advocate for silence teams to be meta. Destroyed a solo pacha and prince phillip with a solo silencer

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