Keep the XP and Gold cost increases or revert it?


It’s clear he is defending the decision and they’re not going to revert this. I have seen 2 replies from him and in both he is overlooking everyone’s complaints, I mean he is in complete denial. There is no mention of things people called out him on. I guess I will just find another game. He defended 6 star update and now this one too. The xp required for 100 lvl is now 122000 i.e 17 turbo xp drinks and it will only increase for 101. This is for 1 player so 15 heroes it’s 15x17=255 drinks for lvl up by 1. I get 140 drinks weekly. How can I have enough of these9?


It doesn’t add up not enough so drinks earned or gold ways to make it plausible its ridiculous.


@Polaris Have you guys actually done the math on the cost to max every character? I have and continue to watch it before every anticipated patch. The numbers were daunting prior to this change. If you wanted to slow it down you could have just implemented the change for level 100+. Now anyone who was behind the level cap will have an even harder time catching up. I can see why so many are outraged.

I was one of the people with hoarded gold. I did so by managing which heroes to bring up, but with each patch there is always hero’s who require to be brought up to contend with new metas and teams.

It’s all well and good that you said this isn’t greed based, but it sure seems like it. The progression for badges was already a slow grind, now skills and levels are going to be as well. You are making the game just an act of sheer grinding or money spend. It’s not fun, which I’m sure if you guys played the game you’d understand. I can tell you guys barely play since a meaningful Quorra nerf came 2 months later than it should have.


I just voted against it because I knew everyone else was going to vote that it was horrible. Looks like I was right!


Quorra nerf not necessary so many counters and now a shield breaking duck who can be 2 star 19k and have a 1 star lol 13 disk and still smash your shields mind boggles.


Definitely needs to be reverted.
Such kind of things are going to push me off the game.


I’m usually onboard with changes, but its blatantly obvious this is directed at whales and now everyone pays for some rank 1-10 people hoarding 100 million gold. Its like telling poor people their bread costs are going up because the Rockefellers have a pantry full of bread. Its insane. Especially in a virtual economy where Perblue makes the economy buyable with real money.


Reverter, está mudança realmente me desanimou em jogar e literalmente estou pensando em desistir.


It was me. I misclicked :slight_smile:


I couldn’t care less one way or the other. Please stop complaining


This isn’t like the other times people have complained over an update. Six star scandal? Dead after a few days. Pop-up complaints? Died off before it got off the ground. But this? This has been constant since the update was announced. The only thing dying is the player count. The change itself was a very bad idea, but the reason for it was absolutely insulting. I would’ve preferred it if you said that Perblue was going to gold-plate it’s headquarters and needed some extra revenue to do so. Don’t get me wrong, I love the game, but this needs to be reverted or toned down.


Polaris stated on the economy change thread that it won’t change. So people can either choose to quit or deal with the change (at least on gold and xp spend).

I’m sticking it out as I have always been a f2p player and I enjoy my guild. I just choose not to spend money on this to get my hopes dashed. It does suck that I see players leaving but I still see some spends happening.


I haven’t decided what to do yet, but are thinking about moving on.
I just feel disheatened over how PerBlue are treating the long playing loyal players and basically sort of punish them for getting to such a high level by limiting their freedom of choice on who what character they want to invest in. I am a VIP 0 player as well as I don’t spend real money on microtransactions, so I only really earn what the game naturally from in-game give me.

I don’t mean to speak bad about PerBlue, but I basically don’t know what to feel or do. I just wish I would more easily be able to read and experience every story plot point in the game like friendships. I want to read Stitch, Jack Skellington, Hiro and Elsa’s friend campaign stories, but I can’t really justify standing resources on them I feel.

So yeah, guess we will see on what I will do I suppose.


Toujours pareil donner du Challenge à ceux qui payent et vous rapporte des sous pour qu’ils dépensent encore plus, mais vous tuez tous les autres joueurs qui jouent gratuit ou payent occasionnellement, avec tous vos changements en même pas un an, vous tuez votre jeu en faisant fuir toute une communauté plutôt que de l’entretenir. Et les nouveaux arrivants fuiront en voyant qu’il y a un gouffre impossible à rattraper tellement vous mettez des bâtons dans les roues en progression.
Arrêtez de nous prendre pour des vaches à lait et nous forcer à payer!!
L’xp c’est une chose, mais l’or, vous vous moquez de qui?
Car tout coûte plus cher plus on monte, donc arrêtez de vous moquer du monde.

C’est de la cupidité tout simplement, pas un plan d’avenir!


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I really don’t get the fuss about the gold increase. What is gold even spent on? Skill increases only let you upgrade so many at one time before you need to recharge, I have rarely run out of gold this way before or after the update. Gold crates aren’t that great and mercs are totally optional. And with badge upgrades I rarely notice the gold cost, it’s the cost in other badges that gets me. I don’t even keep track of how much gold I have these days and very rarely don’t have the gold to pay for something


For older servers and higher level players, this was a borderline devastating change. I personally always had empty pockets from not having enough gold to upgrade heroes at level 100 and with the 1.7 changes, it got even worse. It costs roughly 2.5 million gold to raise one heroes skills from 95 to 100 on all 4 abilities. Now add in a hero who is starting from scratch with the new changes and it gets even crazier as you’re burning through tens of millions to get one character to 100. This is going to get far worse as time goes on to a point where you’re going to have to focus purely on a team of 15 to stay remotely relevant and ignore any other heroes. I personally believe that takes away a huge portion of the game, as it has a large variety of heroes and its a shame that it will come to people just flat out ignoring new heroes because of restrictions.


Haha so what is your team lvl and how much do you upgrade the skills of your top team?


On server 2, the cap is about to get raised to 105 from 100 tomorrow I believe. Right now, I have several champs at 100, but not all of them have their skills maxed to 100 or are even O2. There just isn’t enough gold to pass around to focus on more than a colliseums worth at he moment.


Team level 92, and I mostly upgrade the skills of my weaker characters to help them try to catch up to the guys higher up.

My top team is a mixed bag, some have lower level skills, others have like one max skill for their level. I can’t improve everything to max anyway thanks to the timed limits so I think that’s more limiting than gold costs by a long shot