Keep the XP and Gold cost increases or revert it?

  • Revert XP and Gold for skill cost increase.
  • This is the best thing to happen to this game as I have too many resources.

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For those not in the know one of the changes in Patch 1.7 was increased XP and Gold cost for skills for lvl 86+. They changed XP from 2k per level to 3k per and Skill cost went from 1k per level to 3k per level. I would love to know if you indeed have too much gold and XP potions than you know what to do with. Be civil and keep the discussion going. Lets show PB what the players think of this change.

Economy changes with 1.7

100% revert. Weak response from perblue, I won’t stand for this and literally no one thinks it’s a good idea


Answer is super easy, revert, before THINGS GET OUT OF CONTROL AND NOBODY WILL PLAY THIS GAME.


They need to switch it back asap.


I played this morning and got all of the Gold I could from the main sources (City Watch, Surge, Ports, etc.).

Within 10 seconds all of that Gold was gone. The Hero that I’m working on is nowhere near maxed Skills. By my math, it’ll still take me 5-6 more days to power up the one, single Hero.

But, according to PerBlue’s data, I have too much Gold.


I wish I knew their real reason for doing this…but there silence only further convinces me they are just being greedy…or mAybe polaris cannot talk about anythong detrimental to the company?

It could be in their contract.

@polaris if you cannot talk about the stuffnwrong eith this company becuase of your contract then flag this post. :slight_smile:


Did you see this?

That is the real reason we’re doing this. I have seen the data and all the charts produced by our analytics team. I’ve looked at the data for our other games, and this is necessary. It isn’t greed, or trying to ruin the game. We want the game to stick around for a long time, and maintaining balance over the long term is very important.

It’s unfortunate that we had to make the change to existing skill levels, but it was necessary. Gold should flow through the game. It shouldn’t pool and flood your inventory, which is what would have happened if we hadn’t made this adjustment.

Having to choose where to spend your gold makes you decide which heroes are more valuable to you, and you have to plan and look at your game strategy - analyze your team synergy - have fun. Having unlimited gold and everything unlocked and maxed out isn’t fun.


Oh we read it, and it’s complete garbage.

“The ways to use it remain the same”

New characters?
Increasing level caps?
More orange badges?

Even a blind man knows they are extra ways to use gold & XP.

You’ve just killed the game, congratulations. I’ve never seen so many people quit the game in the space of a week until now, good luck with a long term of the game with this many people quitting and no longer spending.

Time to try the new Looney Tunes one.


Doing what 99% of players hate is necessary?

Lol, okay.

Good luck keeping a game alive for years with that attitude.


That’s for the community to decide, and clearly they’ve spoken out against it.


With the rate you and PerBlue add characters, badge tiers and level caps gold is always going to be necessary and very few will be able to get every hero maxed. This update only made that significantly worse.

I have been on your guy’s side on more than one occasion and will remain positive and give credit where credit is due. However this is not okay. You provide reasonings with no argument for it and no corresponding data. We aren’t asking for a full disclosure of everything, such as monthly income, player log rates, etc. We just want to know what percentage of players legitmately have too many resources that would make such a change necessary.

I saw your “response” and gave my own thoughts there and then created this topic to allow people to have a discussion. The vast majority I have heard from want this change reverted. This patch is really good in a lot of ways but the nerfs to common heroes along with the so called mentality that players are supposed to pick and choose is counterintuitive to say the least. So now that players who chose to raise said characters now find them weaker, maintaining to be more expensive, and now we will possibly need to raise new heroes which again is now more costly.

This is not the game that players want to play and if this change isn’t reverted, it won’t be played.


You’re comparing one game’s data to another game’s data?! That’s just one of the many mistakes you made on making this decision.

That’s like saying, “We saw how many runs the Yankee’s scored last season, so the Brewers must be the same”. Just because they are in the same professional sports league does not mean they are the same entity.

The percentage of players in this scenario is incredibly low. How the analytics team did not have this data is very questionable. The senior management team should have been questioning these numbers.

@Polaris You’re continually trying to defend this change. The players are seeing right through it. It is a bad change, both short term and long term. Players want to play a game in which they feel rewarded for their effort. This change is doing the opposite of feeling rewarded. We’re feeling punished for progressing further in the game.


Gotta remember that Polaris could hate this update more than us and would still defend it here, because that’s what Polaris is paid to do. It’s not the messengers fault that the king is completely disconnected from the population.


I, for one, won’t be spending any more on this game. I’ll continue to play, but no more money. This change was the stupidest thing PerBlue could have done, and defending the change is garbage.

Oh, and this is coming from a VIP 18 “whale” who has every hero maxed on badges at level 100, every skill capped, and is sitting on a little under 50 million gold. I still think it’s a bunch of garbage.


Kudos for Perblue. They answered.


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To the one guy who voted that they have too much gold, I want to ask. Do you think this is a good update and why? Not wanting to put you on blast, I just wish to understand your perspective.


Polaris I spend a fair bit so explain how come I’ve only 24 heroes at 01 or 00 not fully skilled to 95 or enchanted yet I’m in top 100 on my server? I have 0 gold and 0 xp pots so explain how you come to this completely stupid answer? I can tell now only about 1 percent of players who spend loads and are vip 20 probably have gold xp pots but Polaris they paid for that priviledge did they not? So how can you even say this is necessary all you have done is create a bigger gap from f2p medium spenders and Whales!!! You seriously cant think we are that stupid? Are you for real?


That 1 guy must be Polaris himself…:face_with_hand_over_mouth: