Kenai & Koda‎

Kenai & Koda

Stars at the beginning: :star:
Role: Tank
Position: Front
Team: Red

Entrance: Kenai and Koda walks slowly towards their position but in the middle of the way Koda jumps at Kenai, knocking him directly towards the position with Koda.
Victory: Kenai hugs Koda.
Defeat: Both Kenai and Koda become sad, looking down.

Quote: “You want to know what I did this year? I went on the longest, hardest, most exhausting journey I have ever been on, with the biggest pain in the neck I have ever met. But what do you expect from a little brother?’’

Basic attack: Kenai attacks the nearest enemies with his claws while Koda jumps at them and returns immediately.

White Skill: Bear Roar :sparkles:
Kenai roars, removing all active buffs from enemies, scaring enemies for 10 seconds and applying to them 5 stacks of Weakness for 12 seconds, all enemies also take X Fantastic Damage. Damage dealt by this skill is increased by 10% per each buff removed from enemies.

This skill and its effects within it can’t be dodged or evaded.

Green Skill: Bear Stampede :fist:
Kenai & Koda charge through enemies, dealing X Normal Damage, knocking them back, stunning enemies hit for 7 seconds, and Snaring the nearest enemy for 12 seconds.

When Kenai & Koda return to the battlefield they become Energized for 10 seconds receiving 125 extra Energy each time they perform a basic attack, and heal 100% of their Max HP over 5 seconds.

While using this Skill, Kenai & Koda are untargetable and immune to Disables.

Blue Skill: Fishy Catch
Kenai & Koda find some fish to eat, cleansing and healing X HP, gaining 6 stacks of Hardy and a 35% chance to dodge upcoming attacks and debuffs for the next 8 seconds.

Purple Skill: Bear Strength
Kenai & Koda resist all knockbacks and skills which move them. Kenai & Koda and allies behind them gain a 25% Damage Reduction which increases by another 25% when Kenai & Koda use ‘‘Bear Roar’’ for 9 seconds.

Whenever Kenai & Koda resist a knock back they gain 60 energy.

The energy gain is less effective when Kenai & Koda are above level X.

Red Skill: Bear Life
‘‘Fishy Catch’’ also affects all allies and heals for an extra 30% of Max HP.

Scared enemies deal 25% less damage and debuffs applied to them last 4 seconds longer. When enemies cleanse their debuffs from ‘‘Bear Roar’’ they lose all their energy and receive 5 stacks of Fatigue.

The damage reduction is less effective against enemies above level X.

Additional stat boosts:
+X Crit Damage


Gerald, Marlin, & Nemo - Fish-less Diet

Increased Dodge Chances

  • +X Max HP
  • +X SP
  • Kenai & Koda and allies heal X HP each time they dodge an attack
  • The dodge chances of Kenai & Koda and their allies are increased by 5% (+5% per star)

Meilin Lee - Animal Translator

Enemies Lose Damage upon Damaging Kenai and Koda

  • +X BD to Kenai & Koda and allies
  • +X Armor
  • +X Reality
  • When an enemy attacks Kenai & Koda their Basic Damage and Skill Power are decreased by 10% for 10 seconds; Kenai & Koda resist Crits when they are below 30% of their Max HP (+10% per star)

As if this was even necessary.

The concept seems ok.

Well, maybe PB will surprise us… (not).

Hey if the horned king from the black cauldron makes it in, surely, this IP will likely follow suit soon

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